How we work- Interim Management and Consulting

Interim Management

The key for us is to agree as much of the detail up front as possible and have clear goals and objectives for the role to be undertaken. Regular updates on progess are built in to ensure the project is monitored and any necessary adjustments are made early

  • Agree length and scope of the role during the interview process. This will include length of assignment, notice periods, day rate, full or part time and location of role.
  • Agree objectives to be achieved during the term of the assignment
  • Integration into management team and ensure that the necessary systems are in place to ensure long term benefits to the Client.


  • Initial briefing from client received and 2 day review undertaken resulting in written proposal and estimate of timeline to complete project
  • Agreement of fee or day rate for the project
  • Regular written updates of progress and any recommendations for amendments to the action plan
  • Project completion report written
  • 6 monthly review date agreed to check ongoing progress and any further actions needed.

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