Strategy Partners is the leading management consulting company in Russia. Besides our 65 full time professionals we occasionally invite western business leaders to
participate in our projects with Russian companies so as to broaden and deepen
our client services. Such roles are challenging, the individual has to be able
to distil and articulate their insights for a very different market
environment, working with a new team on each occasion, dealing with questions
which are sometimes simplistic and sometimes very difficult

We have involved Andy Low and AJL Global on our projects more than any other individual executive, because of his reliability, competence, and ability to work well
with and adapt to our foreign culture. He has assisted us greatly in a wide
range of media and publishing assignments, covering all the areas one would
expect in a chief executive, for example: business strategy, judgements about
alternative organisation structures, marketing and marketing management. He has
always responded with useful insights, always meeting the sometimes very short
deadlines, and always with an energetic, positive and helpful attitude.

I have no hesitation in recommending him for any position of business leadership
in his industry areas.

Philip Modiano- Chairman Strategy Partners - Moscow

Full Potential Group is a leading executive coaching organisation with a blue chip client base, many in the FTSE 100 list.

We employed Andy Low as an interim strategic lead on business planning, financial management, marketing and business development. Andy is a confident, credible, extremely capable forward thinking business strategist, who gains a rapid grasp of concepts, content and industry knowledege and makes things happen. Quick thinking and articulate, he builds strong relationships and strategic partnerships with customers. He is enthusiastic, passionate and committed to succeed with a strong work ethic. He was able to integrate swiftly into our team and contribute quickly to our performance.

Carole Gaskell CEO Full Potential Group

Bryt is a well regarded strategic branding agency

Andy is a highly-experienced marketing professional with an excellent understanding of how to both establish and grow brands.
His extensive background gained in large corporates means he is comfortable at presenting at the highest level. Combine this with his commercial understanding and you have a rare marketing person who would be a great asset to any company. And last but not least, he's a great person to work with.

Eddie Stapleford - Group Managing Director at Bryt

Brian Catt International B2B Business Developer

I know Andy Low through his leadership of  The Executive Network, which he founded and has built into a valuable and recognised senior executive network with over 500 members. Andy is a dedicated, intelligent and pragmatic leader who will deliver the end result with available resources while overcoming the inevitable problems that  may arise.

Neil Cook-Head of Professional Services, Opus Trust Marketing

Andy is a well rounded individual who has a rare mix of strategic vision and is capable and willing to get involved hands on in his activities. He brings his past experience to solving current challenges in a pragmatic and common sense manner.