Senior Level Interim Management

No company is immune to periods of change. In such times everything needs to run swiftly and smoothly. Localising, structuring, assessing and applying a solution to a project or a short term staffing problem that can be implemented immediately is one of the core elements of senior level interim management. We will help to ensure that the agreed role is managed effectively to agreed goals and objectives and as smoothly as possible.  Our many years of experience in a wide range of interim management areas have equipped us to effectively guide many companies to growth and further development.

Our services at a glance

  • Able to operate at 'C' level in functional and general management roles up to Managing Director and CEO.
  • Specialist expertise in marketing in an international context and in licensing Intellectual property.
  • Wide experience of New Product Development processes in an international sourcing environment and the creative aspects of new idea generation and presentation to the ultimate consumer.
  • Working knowledge of HR, Operations and Supply Chain matters as they relate to roles at MD level.
  • If required can establish training programmes that will leave full time staff with the ability to effectively manage any new systems or procedures in the future

Happy to work in short or longer term assignments and part time or full time. Location not an issue.

Other services

Crisis Management

  • Able to provide short term cover for absent key staff and to deliver on projects that need additional expertise and time not available in house.
  • Drive turnaround action to get company back on track via action on sales, costs and trade relations.

Management Continuity

  • Set up management structure and training to ensure staff are able to continue with projects once consultation period is over
  • Follow up visits to check progress and ensure any necessay adjustments are made