Selected case studies

The following contains current reference case studies

Case Study 1

Client: Protectoplast Limited Essex

Task: Interim Managing Director

Timeframe: 12/10- 04/12

Key data:

Initially brought in to oversee sale of business. Shareholders then decided to retain the business and to develop it further. Retained full time from May 2011- April 2012

  • Turned round loss of £38K in 2010-11 to profit of £138K in 2011-12
  • Sourced over 100 potential new items for the product line from suppliers in China, Africa and Europe for launch during 2012-13
  • Drove change and significant upgrade of outdated IT systems to Sage 200 platform
  • Drove and managed office and warehouse relocation to improved premises
  • Drove change of company ID and developed new corporate brand image and ensured Trademark protection for this and current company brands

Case Sudy 2

Client: Penna CTS( Career Transition Services)

Task: Provide coaching support, advice and tried and tested processes to aid recently redundant executives find new job opportunities.

Timeframe: 2009-Present ongoing

Key data:

  • Strong expertise in professional coaching skills used to inspire clients to deliver new ways of career development from ther own resources
  • Successful new roles found for all clients who have completed their programmes
  • Clients from consumer products, pharmaceuticals, Media, IT, marketing services, financial services and industrial sectors succesfully placed.
  • Specialist expertise in marketing and International used by other CTS coaches if needed by their clients.

Case Study 3

Client: Strategy Partners

Task: Provide strategic input to Moscow based agency to assist their key publishing client to grow and develop via western expertise

Timeframe: 2005-2010

Key data:

  • 18 successful projects duing this timeframe from organisation restructure to strategic papers on, for example, ebooks, editorial, diversification and marketing approaches
  • Projects on book distribution models also completed successfully
  • Sourced senior leaders in UK book retail to head up 3 educational seminars for Russian book retailers.
  • Only western consultant to be used more than twice by Strategy Partners