Marketing/Product Development/International Licensing

Marketing, product development and cost effective sourcing of products is an International undertaking and AJL Global Ltd can deliver the necessary expertise, experience, processes and contacts to ensure that the needs of more than just one market can be met.

The additional need to protect your idea or product via international IP law is paramount. Patents, design copyright, copyright, trademark application and protection are all additional ways to ensure that your idea or product can have the space to grow and develop. AJl Global can support this activity via an interim process or as a business consultant in these areas. Terms and conditions are negotiable

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Our services at a glance

Marketing, Sales & Business Development

Able to take on projects in the above fields, based on experience of marketing in several industry sectors. Focused on B2C marketing, mainly via retailers or Direct to Consumer. Additional experience in B2B arena in dotcom and consulting projects

New Product Development

Able to bring new products from concept to finished product in tight timelines via a well tuned milestone system.. Development of launch support proposals also part of the offer, from packaging design to A&P support above and below the line across multiple markets.

Able to negotiate multi-country royalty deals with inventors or IP owners as part of the process.

Recommendations for product sourcing are also part of the process, from the Far East/China to locations closer to the UK.

International Licensing

Over 30 years experience in working with IP owners in a variety of sectors. Strong expertise working with entertainment companies in character licensing, as a licensee and as a licensor on many major brands.

Good contacts with specialists in trademark, patent, copyright law and IP protection.